Saad the story of a psycho killer
Saad the story of a psycho killer thriller stories

amanpratap I am Aman Pratap I am from Aligarh
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this story is about a boy which becomes a psycho killer starts killing people

By: Aman Pratap

Saad the story of a psycho killer

by Aman Pratap

The blood was dripping from the knife , and the blood was also flowing on the ground.someone blood stained feet were moving then someone pickup the corpse then someone put the corpse in the van.

After a mile a policeman said at the checking post"stop."


20 year ago,

Bombay, Dharavi


A boy was born on Dharavi house on 31

And his mother and father was so happy but they don't know when he will grow up what he will became. When he was seven years old he did his first murder.

Now let me tell me you what was the story of his first murder. One day he was coming home after playing cricket with his friends then he bumped into drunk man then drunk man slap him.

then he went home crying and after washing his face. He asked his mother sonu's mother is asking for a knife so can I gave her. Then his mother said"ok."Then he came out of his house and then

He starts finding that drunkard.then he found him in a field,then he threw the knife in the neck of that drunkard and killed him. So that was the story of his first murder.

then he starts doing murder

For his entertainment then one day radheshyam and his family got into a fight then the people of the street came

And pacified the fight. Then everyone went to their house. At night he stole his father's money and brought petrol.

Then he took petrol and then sprinkled the petrol on Radhe's house then he burnt radhe's house.7 years later......

When saad was 14 year old, he started killing policemen daughters. Now I will tell you how he used to murder. First he finds the information about whom he wants to kill by his hands.

Then after that he kidnapped him then he took a picture of her and wrote behind it that if you have courage then show it by arrest.

One hour after sending the picture, the same girl's eyes, nose, ears came in a box to the police station.

and saad used to come to give those pictures and body parts and said that courier has come. Then the pictures and body parts kept coming then could not do anything.

Few days later after...

This matter was handover by CBI. Then CBI first answered the question from his first suspect,who gave you these picture and body parts?From saad( postman),then saad said that

Miss Sharma saab she use to give us this to go to the police station. Then the officer ask what is this woman first name ? Then saad said that she did not tell us .

Then officer asked you did not ask ?

Then saad I used to ask but she would leave without telling us saab . Then officer said that ok now you can go but when she came to the post office call us.



At saad safehouse

12:50 AM

Saad said to his friends that if this life was a game we would

have died but would have been alive again at the same age in the same place and with the same way of living.


On the Morning

7:39 am

Saad sent a picture of IPS daughter to the police station.

Then after some time the news came that IPS daughter is kidnapped . But saad make the mistake this time saad forgot to??????Saad forgot to switch off that girl's phone.

Then policemen traced the phone of that girl, then when saad picked up the knife , then the officer put the gunpoint on saad's head. Then saad punched him.

Then saad broke the window and ran away by his car under the bridge. Then the river turned red as blood.


On the Morning

5:00 AM

CBI found a burn body and there was a paper stick on the wall.

And it was written in the paper that why daughters of policemen used to die listen" when radheshyam's house was burnt,

the policemen considered my mother and father to be criminals and tortured them that they died.


On the next day

Police station got a picture of a constable's daughter and it was written on the back of that photo that if you have courage, then show it by arrest.

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