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amaneeizhaq Community member
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the sound of silence


Why is silence so deafening?

It's like I can't take a breathe in

And my heart feels like everything and nothing at the same time

And I know that it takes time

But I don't know how much longer I can take it

I don't now how much longer I can fake it

Definitely not until I make it

Because that's a long way from now

And I feel like I'm dying and I wish I was lying but the silence is killing me

It's that piercing white noise that fills the void

Vibrating through my thoughts, never even a thought

Until it's all I can hear and my mind goes clear

And for a second I don't exist and I don't feel tense

I just don't...

And I don't know how but I'm brought back to life, I saw the dimming light

And I remember that it's still just me

My thoughts

And that deafening silence

I'm flatlining

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