Love as a Seedling
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love as a seedling Etchings scotch-taped over the mirror

Love as a Seedling

love as a seedling

Etchings scotch-taped over the mirror

dangle as I get too close to the

outline of who I wished for you to become

before erasing it entirely-

lipstick smeared

breath hot

on glass

on cheeks

on the passing

school bus window

Draw names into quicksand

and watch as grains condense into

prophetization of poems written in

reflexive tense

no longer infinitive

Maybe we would have lasted longer

if we'd been borne into the mouth

of a different language,

if we had lived in the way hands move

and transform into symbol,

how feet arch to reach something

higher than they've ever been,

how arms wrap around waists

and squeeze like bread ties

I did not know what it meant to lean

your weight into ribs

that will break themselves apart

just to give you everything you want

until we were already in fragments

We can speak to each other inside

our own heads-

telepathy of those who have

once wished to be dead.

we will use our fingers,

our pinky-toes,

to Windsor knot

our words into something

sustainable to be buried deep

in the earth in place of bodies

It will grow to branch its way

into every bathroom window

to knock knife out of hand

roll lipstick out of arms reach

weave as floss to get the overgrown

anger out of our teeth

Eventually, we will

learn to love in our native tongue

without noticing its inexorable

weight in our mouths.

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