I forgive you, I truly do.
I forgive you, I truly do. heartbroken stories

amandamalagone pretty words on a sad screen
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how do you love someone again who once broke you?

I forgive you, I truly do.

They say love is what shapes us…

What if you loved so much that in the end it left you hollow?

Empty like the bottle pressed against your lips after you shamefully take the last sip.

I try my hardest, I truly do.

You carved me out and dumped me in a gaping cave.

Guided by nothing but the mere hope of you loving me the way I love you.

But you extinguished that fire and watched the darkness engulf me.

I love you, I truly do.

You’d silently listen to the screams that shattered glass.

You’d observe the trail of blood and the ocean made of tears and still do nothing.

Eventually, the ocean dried up and the blood washed away.

Now here I sit in this barely lit cave and watch you try to piece me back together.

I know you love me, I truly do.

But I can see my jagged edges wounding you.

You can try to glue and tape me back together but the cracks will always be there.

I forgive you, I truly do.

But be aware, cracks always leak.

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