It's a sad story
It's a sad story happier stories

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By: Ava J. Why did I have to continue it like a story>
I'm not obsessed and I'm better now, I'm over it.
I'm happier.

It's a sad story

By: Ava J.

Why did I have to continue it like a story>

I made it like I was the issue>

Even though you were the issue,

You were the habit, the obsession, the problem,

You were a obsessive sickness that only grew.

I'm over with it all.

Begin with a fall.

Don't drop,

Please stop,

Don't fight me, just fix it,

fix the issue,

stop trying to fight it,

you hate me, I can't hate you,

even though you swore at me, tortured me, gave me depression, suicidal thoughts, and you hurt me,

but you did two good things for me.

And you showed me how to never let someone treat you like nothing, but a plain ugly empty thing. You acted as if I wasn't good enough for you.

You taught me what an obsession was.

You hurt me but I got over it.

Thank you

I can hear your name and not look.

Because I'm over you :>

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