The light
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The light

The light

I came to see the light,

I came to see you sparkle,

I came to see the end, And bend my legs to find the full end,

I came to see the sparkle of your smile,

I came here to see you, Your life, The time, My true times,

I came here not for the full end, In the beginning, I thought there was no end, I thought there was just a bright light shining into me,

Well; I guess I was wrong, There is an end, With god,

And when I go, There isn’t coming back, I will be up there for good, I stay up there, With god and all my, Not- alive-, Loveones,

I stay there forever, I can’t wait to see the happiness, And joy with my family, I will see a brighter light, Then any other, It is said that it’s the, beautifuleast, Light and place ever,

I believe I will see him and them all. When I’m old. But I will see him and my family, With them.

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