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She knew him for 3-4 years 3rd grade to 6th grade and up,


She knew him for 3-4 years

3rd grade to 6th grade and up,

until something happened

He started talking about liking each other and she started to think about it,

then they talked more and more about it,

they were best friends but then that changed,

she talked to him every day until he announced to the world he didn't want to be her friend,

She cried she tore, she was confused, he didn't even say why!

She asked him why,

he never said why

until she had enough courage to write him a letter saying many things,

he cared a little, she cared too much though,

she even announced in her letter she had loved him for a long time, but as best friends...

She realized they'd never be the real beauty as best friends EVER again! Over asking him questions,

He was done with being friends, they were done,

it was over they'd never be a fate best friends, it was done, never again, she repeated it all the time, thinking what did I do!!!????

All I did was run him off,

and then I realized I was the problem and cause to all missing my friends from being my other half

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