Last words to you.
Last words to you. stories

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Last words to you.

These are my last words to you:

Do you know how long did it take so I could trust in someone else again?

No, you don’t. Because you never asked and you never cared.

And why when we were together I tried to warn you that I was broke but you didn’t listen?

I told you to beware your actions with me, because I knew that one more disillusion would make me go mad, since I was already between happiness and chaos.

Even so, I let myself be convinced by your words saying that you won’t ever leave me or hurt me.

My biggest disappointment after all was with myself, because I believed that you wouldn’t be like the others.

For a long time I thought that this was my fault because YOU made me believe that...

But the truth is that YOU are the one that can’t deal with people.

You just want an easy person to desl and I won’t apologize for being complicated because I have a whole world inside me and you are the one who’s missing it.

The title for being foolish I can take it, but can you carry the title for being a liar, selfish and irresponsible? I hope you do, cause it’s all yours.

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