Why must you argue?
Why must you argue? argument stories

alyzaj I am a aspiring author. All pronouns
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For my friend

Why must you argue?

When you say those things I fight back. But of course I do, because you wouldn't actually...would you? You wouldn't leave me here alone...

would you? And even if you mean it, I'll still fight back, make this an argument because I'm looking out for you.

You say you're not worth everyone's worry, but if everyone is worrying, that's means you're worth it to them! I'll argue because I love you.

You're one of my closest friends, and our connection is great. And even if I make everyone I date jealous because I'm always pestering you, I want you to know I care. You're an idiot.

Absolutely stupid, because you actually think that I hate you. I'm trying, I really am. But it's not done until you admit defeat.

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