What if we’re last? Chapter 7
What if we’re last? Chapter 7 apocalypse stories

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Introductions. I’m not good with descriptions. It’s an apocalypse story.

What if we’re last? Chapter 7

Ellington skips ahead, but then suddenly stops. "Hey!" She shouts in realization. " You know my name, and I know sly's name, but I don't know yours." She looks at me expectantly.

"I'm Aella" I say coolly. "Eye-la?" She says, pronouncing it wrong. "No. It's AA-eh-ll-a" I correct her. "Hmmm, that's hard, so I'm gonna just call you Eye-la." She decides.

"Where's that name from?" She asks after a moment of silence, a moment too many for her. "It's Greek, that's where my grandparents were from."

Ellington seems more attached to Sly than me, and I'm fine with that. Them being distracted gives me time to think. Today I don't know what to think about.

We're on our way to my hometown, a place just south of Chicago.

We walk some ways on silence, not having too much to talk about since we all just met. Ellington's red bag flops at her side as she walks.

"Sooooo, Ellington" I start, breaking the silence," whats in that bag?" I ask. She looks at me, sharp eyes piercing through me."Why do you wanna know?" She questions me.

"We need to keep inventory of all our supplies if we're gonna survive, that includes anything useful you may have in that bag.

" I tell her already tried of her attitude, but knowing it is how she survived this long.

She responds,"Here take it I look through, I'm not sure what you'd consider useful. She hands me the bag. Sly comes over to me to help search the bag.

He had two of our other bags, one being the one Jye had with him. He squats down.

"Do you think we ought to search this bag here too?" He asked nodding to the black satchel on his shoulder.

"Oh yeah I didn't think about that!" I nod in agreement. We make a list of what we have, and how much of it we have. Ellington doesn't have a lot of necessary items, but she has a few.

Hidden underneath her phone and photo book is two handfuls of granola bars and a bag of trail mix.

Ellington must keep her phone for sentimental value, as there is no way she still had battery on that thing.

We tally what items we have and realize two things: 1. We need more good soon, and 2. We need water, now. Some houses still have running water. I hope we find one of those tonight.

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