What if we’re last? Chap. 3
What if we’re last? Chap. 3 apocalypse stories

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Flashback sequence

What if we’re last? Chap. 3

In my dream I see my family, my brother, sister, mother, father. My dad got sick first, he didn't come home after that. He didn't want to get us sick.

I see him getting sicker, he's going to die soon. In reality he is dead.

When I wake up I'm in a house, it's abandoned. "Hey, where are we?" I yawn " When did I fall asleep?" I look around.

We are in a bedroom, it has a bed, a broken dresser, a shattered mirror, and a broken widow.

Sly's at the window fixing the makeshift filter he must have made. When he adds the last piece he turns to me and takes off his mask. "We are in the only safe house near us.

" His dark eyes settle on mine as he talks.

" I'm sorry it only has one bed, I couldn't tell from the outside!" His eyes switch from studying to a new emotion, embarrassment, "I sleep on the couch." He continues "I let you have the bed.

" He presses his lips into a small smile.

"Oh, it's really fine. I don't really mind." I say yawning again. "When did I fall asleep?" I ask again. I have no memory of this place, so I assume I fell asleep before we got here.

"You fell asleep a little before I found this house" he chuckles. "Oh," I mutter, " Did you have to carry me here. Oh gosh I hope I wasn't too heavy!" I panic for two reasons. 1.

I can't be dependent on anyone and 2. This was a male, and no matter how friendly he seems I don't know him.

"Calm yourself sugar, it wasn't a big deal. We weren't far from this place anyway." He glances at me,smiles, and turns to the window to look outside.

I wouldn't have let anyone call me sugar a few three months ago, so why do I let him? I'm becoming soft, like one of those girls in the stories.

I'm not gonna be a useless heroine in my own story. I understand that it's just how he talks, however, so I'll let him. But I'm not about to be the weak character that needs saving.

If I'm gonna survive I'm gonna have to do, only depend on myself. Unless something happens where I can't do that.

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