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A true crime song

Mr. Bundy

This is a song of the killings of a certain Mr. Ted Bundy. I do not condone such actions only find the psychologically interesting.

Please do not romance the actions of this man or any others like him.

This is simply to tell a story


He was young, had his whole life ahead of him, went to law school.

In Seattle... she went missing, who would find her? She was murdered, who was her killer? Mr. Bundy

Verse 1:

I won't listen to your charming words, something dark lies beneath you. I won't be charmed by your foolish jokes. But you can't pose much threat now can you? Just young man living his life.

Pre chorus:

Oh oo oh oh but I was wrong


He had killed her, his first victim, she was dead now. Such a young woman! He will pay soon for his crimes now, just Gacy, just like Manson too.

He is sick now he needs help now he won't stop now till they stop him by force.

Mr. Bundy

Verse 2:

I have been fooled over and over again. Not prepared for your Chamaeleon face. A man unlike anything we've ever seen. Caught before you could claim king .


You can't fool them with your words now. They cut though them, with your evidence. 30 dead and gone forever. Several states you never seem to quit.

It's the trial, you are guilty. You were caught after your last escape. You're found guilty, you got death row. You're a devil, just like all the rest. They can't wait to put you to death.

He was consumed by a sickness, by an demon, a ruthless entity. He was smart and he was cunning, could have been an amazing lawyer. He caved in, to the sicknesses.

The day was here, for his death he was nervous, didn't want to go. He got strap down to the chair, they were watching. They they flipped the switch........

Mr. Bundy.

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