I see you prt 5
I see you prt 5  love stories

alyzaj I am a aspiring author. All pronouns
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(NOTE: Yes I realize that the main character has the same name as me, I named myself after a name I really liked and had completely forgotten about this story...) Tinder, the dating app, is a satan site.

I see you prt 5

Tinder, the dating app, is a satan site. Full of catfish and foreign guys trying to get pictures. My profile says; Nico ward, Age 25, occupation: ...., lives in: Washington, D.C.

all of this is true, though you'd assume f.b.i men are older. I know Luna is 23 so we're very close in age. Luna also lives in a town in Virginia very close to D.C.

This all sounds incredibly incriminating. But it's my job,,and I didn't mean to fall in love.....

Bonus meme!

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