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alyvea grieving for the living
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first poem in a while :)


i feel like i’m a shiny new toy people buy me to bring them joy but when the rush begins to fade i’m tossed aside and thrown away

i oversell myself to get through the door then once i’m in, i can’t give any more i’m a false advertisement made of lies no one tries to look under the flashing lights

people get close and they see the truth when my true colors start bleeding through i don’t mean to trick, but that’s who i am i lost my identity building this sham

i come off as so nice, an easy best friend then out of left field i want it to end my temper is fragile, glass spun of air i turn a blind eye to the signs that you care

i’m a personality sponge, i soak it all up but i don’t know when enough is enough i locked myself out making room for you all but it’s crowded in here; damned souls wall to wall

i look good on the shelf, or in the mind’s eye but association with me always goes awry most push me away; “if only i knew” and i might be a toy, but i’m lonely too

hey guys, sorry i haven't been publishing lately; a ton has been going on. but i am active on discord and i started my own server dedicated to mental health! if anyone wants to join, here's the link: i share poetry there as well ❤

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