What to do if a stranger follows you
What to do if a stranger follows you stranger-danger stories
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What to do if a stranger is following you... (multiple situations)

What to do if a stranger follows you

Hey peoples.... Uh I just wrote that oh well. Anyway I think this is very important for people to know I will be covering what to do in multiple situations. Maybe this will help you out in the future. But hopefully you will not get followed :-) That'd be bad.

So here is what to do if a stranger is following you while on a walk alone. 1. if someone is near act like you know them. Tell them what is happening, they are .most likely sure to help. Now if nobody is around say something aloud like "I forgot my wallet" and run the opposite direction.

Not only will you have a reason to run but they probably don't want anything to do with you sense you have your wallet. If you are in such a place where it isn't appropriate to say your friend is coming soon. This will stop the person for two reasons. 1. They know someone knows your here

2. This person is also coming. With this knowledge they will most likely leave you alone. I say most likely because I cannot speak on others actions towards the future. If you are any a street or someplace near a building go in immediately.

If you are driving and a car is following you Take four right turns to be sure. If they took all four turns they are. Don't drive home, go to a crowded street or parking lot. Also be sure to take a look at the car following you because if it does again you should call the police.

That is all for now bye people Stay hydrated Have a great day Love you all Stay safe Stay happy AlyssaStuff

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