What life is like
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alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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This is just a simple poem that my eighth grade teacher assigned.

What life is like

(this is a poem made by me when I was in eighth grade. It was homework. I remember writing it. I regret eighth grade)

Life is like a camera. You only capture the important details. You try to delete the bad ones but sometimes they stay there. Life is like a book You open it for a happy beginning but you get a sad ending

Life is like house You need a stable one or it will fall apart. Life is like money It is so easy to spend but sometimes it doesn't always make you happy.

Life is like bad dream You think it can all be over but it just keeps on going. Life is like a memory It can be fuzzy and warm or bloody and violent. Life is like a stomach It can be full and fulfilling or empty.

Life is like a problem You think you have a grasp of it but then it just slips away. Life is like nothing else.

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