Weird GIFs I found.....
Weird GIFs I found..... idk stories
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alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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So this is a little..... Intriguing......

Weird GIFs I found.....

Ok so lets start with this one... I call it licky metallic man

This next one we call a perfect reunion......

Ok not that perfect..... How about this I wanna be this confident when I walk.

Yes but this cow šŸ˜˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜˜šŸ˜—šŸ˜š

Ngl this one scares me.

Ok hi demon thomas! Would you wanna sit by this bunny!?

How sweet he is letting you share a seat awww! Also I found a new way to walk

But walking sucks.... Introducing the new car I want!

Yes. So this is how I eat alone....

Yeah....... Idk what to say about the next one....

And finally....

Whatever that is...... Bye everyone Stay hydrated Have a great day I love you all Stay safe AlyssaStuff

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