Together Again! (bakudeku part1)
Together Again! (bakudeku part1) #sequal stories

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The summer ends. The school starts. And Mr. Aziwa makes an announcement making Bakugou nervous and happy.

Sequel to Long Distance

Together Again! (bakudeku part1)

** This is the sequel to Long Distance! I hope you all will enjoy it :-) So please take a seat, you might wanna check out Long Distance to understand a little but I think you can figure it out...... Hopefully. Ok bye my little shippers!!!!**

Third Person POV The summer went by in a flash. Soon enough school was picking up again and Class 1A was very excited to see eachother again... Well not to see minita, we know why. Mr. Aziwa came in late with his sleeping bad as usual. Lucky for him Iida already bossed people around to be ready.

"Ok class before we began I would like to day we have a competition against to their schools, best of their country. The schools will be ET, England Training and AHU, American Hero University." Bakugou straightened his back that was the school Izuku went to. What luck.

The lessons went on but all Bakugou could think of was how Izuku would be coming here to UA for a competition. Hopefully he wouldn't have to fight Izuku how would he fight his boyfriend. Who would do such a thing to hurt the sweet cinnamon roll? The cute little gumdrop. (getting ahead of myself)

This was all very excited for the class. The class has met Izuku before but didn't exactly pay attention to what school he went too. They just assumed they might see him again because of Bakugou. I guess they were somehow right....

At the end of school everyone was moving back into their dorms. "Bakugou, we should watch a movie tonight" Jirou suggests. The rest of the so called 'bakusquad' agreed to this. So Bakugou secretly loving his friends said yes. Although his mind was all jumbled up.

They decided on a movie called Infinity War (One of the best marvel movies in my opinion. Don't disagree fight me!) The bakusquad were really enjoying themselves even Bakugou. His mind was now focused on having fun but he didn't want to show it. He isn't weak like that... He is strong.

Finally when the movie was over Bakugou decided to talk to his friends about his problem. He could even talk to Kirishima who moved on he was with Mina now. (Idk if that works. We say it does since Denki is ment to be with Shinso) "Hey guys...." He started. "you know AHU..."

"yeah" they all answered. "Well Izuku goes there."

**ok this short piece of shit is down for now! Comment your thoughts please they make me very pleased. Have a great day. Bye my little bakudeku shippers, for now at least**

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