Things I was terrified by when I was younger
Things I was terrified by when I was younger childhood stories

alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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Uh yeah..

Things I was terrified by when I was younger

Ok who else was mortified when they found out if you put metal in the microwave if would explode? I was. I was worried if my food had metal in it or the plate did so j was like I will eat it cold. Haha I was stupid

So this one I don't think anybody can relate to but I will say it anyway. My older sister came home from school and said that she learned if you touched your belly button in the right spot your arms and legs will fall of. Somehow I believed her and I still don't touch my belly button to this day! I am still a little worried about it XD!!!

I was scared that slender man was real and after me so I didn't want to sleep... I stayed up and when I saw a shadow of my cat I would basically hide under my covers. Little me was so smart c'mon girl at least get a good hiding spot! Obviously

For some reason I made myself believe that peanut butter was poison.... I think it was just an ex because I didn't like it.... I also thought that my stuffed animals were real. But didn't we all? Random tangent

My older sister ruined my toddler hood by saying my stuffed animals can't talk back to me... I mean it is true... BUT I WAS A KID!! Yeah still not over that one.... I need to move on But I don't.

Anyway have a good day I hope you liked my short little random thing... Yeah. Have a great day! Stay hydrated :-) Love you all! AlyssaStuff

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