The girl I babysit (story time)
The girl I babysit (story time) baby sit stories

alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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Umm... So I babysit this girl.... It is a true story.... I hope you like!

The girl I babysit (story time)

Noe I will change her name to Maria for personal reasons. Maria is the girl I babysit for. She is very very cute. But holy cow is she trouble! So this happened yesterday and I wanted to tell you all so buckle up for a little story about my life.

Basically I arrived and her parents left. (Duh, Alyssa) When her parents left she was pretty good we drew a little a d bit a snack (Side story but when we drew she wanted me to draw Satan and Jesus and then she said Satan is stupid he doesn't know one plus one.) Ok.

So when we got our snacks she wanted to play a game. (so she has older siblings with dark humor to make this make more sense) She wanted to play Cops and Robbers. A normal game... Or so I thought.....

She wanted to be the robber. I let her because I am the babysitter. When I arrested her (just because she is a kid doesn't mean I will let her win) she asked why. I said because she was a robber. And what did Maria say!?

"hah! You wish I am a serial killer" THEN SHE SMILES AND WALKED AWAY!!!!!!! Now this doesn't concern me because she has dark humor for her age. She has done other.... Dark things.... I tell her parents of course and they don't mind as long as it doesn't get to out of hand.

Uh anyway that was my story so yeah! And as always Have a great day! Stay hydrated! I love you all! **VR hug!** :-) AlyssaStuff

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