Some songs I like
Some songs I like songs stories
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alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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So here are sings I like..... Yeah

Some songs I like

Ok so here I songs I like. Uh don't judge my taste in music I like it so yeah....

One day- Tate McRae Heather- Conan Gray Your New Boyfriend- Wilbur Soot Everybody Talks- Neon lights? Arcade- Duncan some name. (Heh I am not good with names if you couldn't tell)

Changes- Hayd Happy after Hayd (ok who has actually herd about hayd? He isn't vey well known but he is such a good singe with powerful music!) Drivers License- Olivia Rodriguez... Good 4 up Olivia Rodriguez

Maniac- Conan Gray Happier- Marshmallow ft Bastille. Photograph- Cody Fri Old friends- Ben rector. Stressed out twenty one piolets When I waa your man Bruno Mars

Yeah that is it... Sorry if I got the song wrong or artists.... Yeah anyways have a great day and stay hydrated. You can check out the songs if you Wang I guess.... Bye , I love ya! AlyssaStuff

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