Shower thoughts...
Shower thoughts... idk stories
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alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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Shower thoughts.... Cuz why not

Shower thoughts...

They say life is short... But it is the longest thing we will ever experience.... Technically I have never lost a fight with a tiger.... If 1 year to a dog is 7 years then when we are gone for school for 7 hours.... They think we are gone for 49.... No wonder they are so excited when we come back...

History classes get harder every year..... If you live in North America my driveway is probably connected with yours.... What language do people born deaf think in... Who made it socially acceptable to kill ants on a daily basis?

How do mermaids have... Well sex... Just think about it.... Yeah

Ok that is all sorry for the short post! Anyway have a fantastic day! I LOVE you all! Comment what things you would like to see! Stay hydrated!!!! AlyssaStuff

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