Rating MHA characters
Rating MHA characters mha stories

alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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These are my opinions!!! So don't hate if you disagree cuz thatbis ok!

Rating MHA characters

Tsu- i love you but I don't loooooooove you. 8/10

Toga- girl you creep me out but you are cute so whatever 9/10

Bakugou- my king! I hated you at first but now I just love you 100/10

Uraraka- she is so sweet!!! I love you even when you barf 10/10

Iida- we have a love hate relationship. 7/10

Momo- I love you very much my rich shopping girl! 9/10

Todoroki- don't get me wrong i love todoroki but he isn't my favorite.... 9.5/10

Jirou- I like your attitude but you are definitely not my favorite sorry girl....

Kirishima- we love our manly bro! 9/10

Mina- QUEEN!!! 25/10

Minita- talk about trash -1000000000000000000000000000000000/10 Probably more

Izuku- cuteness left is above the bar!!! 100/10

Now don't get me wrong but this next and final character is MY favorite I simp so hard! I frickin love this character...

Did you guess who it was?

That is right!!! My king Kaminari!!! 1000000000000/10

Have a great day

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