Long Distance (bakudeku part7)
Long Distance (bakudeku part7) bakudeku stories
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alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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Ok part seven. Truth or dare. Stuff goes down. Yeah. I hope you like it


Long Distance (bakudeku part7)

**Wow part seven already! I am on a roll Thank you so much for the support šŸ˜˜ Things will go down. Drama WILL occur. Sorry for the changing POVs anyway enjoy this my little bakudeku shippers. Byeee for now....**

Third Person POV Izuku looked at all the people sitting on the table then he noticed bakugou and gave a gentle smile not wanting to embarrass is boyfriend. "I will take... What do you recommend?" Mina asked "Hmm... Personally I would recommend meal 16."

Bakugou looked up. "You know what I want?" "Um... Number 8 minus the beans and replace with mexican rice extra sauce hold the salt." "Ah. You do know what I want." The bakusquad looked confused. Kirishima POV

Hoe did this boy know what bakubro wanted. Like bro that was so complicated. This waiter must have a mind reading quirk "Can you read minds?" I asked. "Huh? No no... I just... Guessed that is all." Then denki looked up. "Hey guys isn't this the boy that had a sign for Eri?"

Wow denki is more observant than I thought. "Ah yes, that was me. Now your orders unless the rest of you are still thinking." We placed in our orders and Mins was giving Bakugou a weird look. Why? I don't know.....

(Just in case you forgot Mina saw the the little video that bakugou had.. This)

Mina POV No. Way. He looks like the boy in that video with bakuhoe! Was this his boyfriend! No no he looks to nice and sweet. He knew Eri..... Who is this little cinnamon roll!? I don't know!?

Third Person POV Time skip to when to when the food comes~ The food smelt so good! They all ate happily striking up conversations with one another. "So bakugou...." Mina said raising her eyebrows...

Bakugou sighs knowing exactly what mina was trying to communicate. "Yes." She punched the air "No way! How long?" She was trying to communicate in a way others wouldn't understand "Almost two years..."

"Wow!!!!! Ok ok when did... Uh... It happen..." "Well. Long story short I said what to say and I got lucky." Bakugou was also trying to be secretive. "Cool... When did.. The first collision come?" "In diapers basically...." "SOOO CUTE!!!"

When lunch was over Mine begged Bakugou to invite Izuku to the hotel. Eventually Bakugou agreed he wasn't ashamed of Izuku, he just wasn't exactly sure if Izuku was ready for the relationship to be exposed. Bakugou sure was after the lily incident. They arrived at the hotel and decided to swim in the pool so they got changed and Bakugou

sent Izuku a text asking him if he was okay with telling people about their relationship and asking him to come over. Izuku of course said maybe if they asked but if not they would say nothing. He also said he would be there in about 15 minutes. So class 1a went to the pool it was pretty fun.

Soon enough Izuku cam wearing blue trunks. The students were swimming and stuff but Bakugou noticed him, so did Kirishima. "Hey isn't that our waiter!?" The students looked over "Its a small world after all!" Momo squeals.

"Hey are you gonna swim with us... Izuku was it. That isn't A very American name." "Yeah well I am from Japan. I just moved here because of my moms job......" "oh cool! We are from Japan." "I know...." "You know?"

"Uh... All might. Is from Japan... You were with him so i ... Yeah." Izuku lied. He knew they were from Japan because of bakugou. "Well..." Izuku stood there awkwardly... "oh I remembered something!" "What?" "Kacchan let me show you something"

"What is it..." "Wait! Do you too know each other." Mina nodded knowing exactly how they knew each other. "Yeah.... Whatever. What is it deku." "I have to show you!" "Tch. Fine."

The class was stunned. Did bakugou agree to something he didn't want to do? The bakusquad decided to see what would happen and they snuck of closely following. "Won't Bakugou get mad!?" Kirishima whisper shouted. "Dude don't you want to know what your crush agreed too?"

"fine." They looked over at the pair. "Well what is it. I don't see anything we are just in a parking lot." "Exactly. This car... Is mine." "You got a car!?" "All might got it for me he said good training young midorya"

"All might bought you a car!?" Bakugou shouted. "Well... Yeah... He is kinda like my dad... Because... You know.." "Oh, sorry..." The bakusquad was surprised "Did bakugou say sorry.." Mina knew they were dating but a sorry from bakugou, man!

"This is crazy!". They booked it as the pair were walking back. " what happened? " Uraraka asked "No time they are coming back!" Denki said as the doors opened. "Hey izuku can you swim?" "Uh I can try... I guess." Izuku hopped in the pool

"This is fun!!" "Hey guys wanna play a game!?" Denki said "Yeah.... Truth or dare..." "lets go into our hotel rooms and play!!" Momo said they agreed and dried off. Into the hotel rooms

They all sat down in a circle Izuku and Bakugou next to each other.. "Ok ill start" Momo said. "Izuku truth or dare!?" She was excited to get to know him "Uh truth I suppose I don't wanna get hurt." "smart" Momo agreed

"Ok.... Describe your first kiss!" She said and the class laughed. "Well ok... Um. When I was younger. I kissed my mom goodnight. Then again I still do." "No that isn't what I ment like your first kiss with a special someone, not that your mom isn't special."

"Ok. Well I was about to move to America and then my crush came. He said he loved me and I kissed him." "wait so your gay?" Momo asked "Bisexual, actually." "oh ok... " So my turn?"

"Yep." "ok, uh.... Red hair." "Kirishima." "Kirishima, truth or dare?" "Uh dare." "Uh... Ok I dare you too.... Give me one dollar to bye water." "ok here." Kirishima passed him

the money. "Ok bakugou truth or dare." "I am tired today so truth." Bakugou explain since he normally did dares as he was a dare devil to put it. Kirishima smiles then opens his mouth. "ok. Why did you agree to go with him?" Kirishima asked.

**Ok! All done with part 7 what did y'all think? Anyway I am gonna bring Lily back... I know you hatw her I do too but she makes it spicy! So I hope you enjoyed this... I did so haha. Comment your thoughts and goodbye my shippers part 8 on its way**

Long Distance (bakudeku part7)

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