Long Distance (bakudeku part4)
Long Distance (bakudeku part4) mha stories
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Long Distance (bakudeku part4)

**before I start i wanna say thank you all for the support! I am so happy! I am honestly a little Izuku and cried when I woke up to 50 notifications! :-) I hope you all enjoy part 4 I am loving this! How 'bout you guys!? Byeee for now :-) **

Bakugous POV As I walk towards Dekus home I remember the last time we met up. *Flashback* Deku came to surprise me for my birthday. He said 'I love you' I never said it back. I regret it I do love him so so much. He got me a necklace I still have it I wear it every day

*Flashback ends* I knock on the door. Auntie Inko comes. "Katski! Deku should be home soon you better work quick!" "Has he eaten?" "I made sure he didn't!" "Where is he anyway?"

Auntie smiled "He is on his drivers licence test!" "He is gonna get his license?" "Hopefully!" She smiled "The kitchens to the left" I remember I visited him on Christmas. I can remember all our visits. 17 exactly. Now 18.

When I visited him on Christmas he was wearing the darn cutest thing on man kind. Or maybe he was the darn cutest thing. Both.

I start making pancakes. He loves pancakes. Even though they aren't his favorite. I am not making him katsudon for breakfast. "I will be at the store to get Izuku a congrats gift. If he doesn't get his license.. You will be the get better present." She laughed "Be home in about 2 hours at latest"

"When is Deku coming?" "In about 30 minutes!" She smiled then went out the door. Thirty more minutes to make the most perfect boy breakfast. Stressful but I am up to this task. I am after all his Kacchan. I thought about how when he sees me he will cry. Hopefully kiss me!

I remember when I confessed my love for him. **another flashback!** Deku said he was moving... I bullied him... Because I was hiding my feelings. Why? I don't know. I do regret it. But my lovesick self said. "NOW OR NEVER DAMNIT!" So u went to the airport the next day when he was leaving

"Izuki Midorya" I said "I love you. I will never forgive myself for what I did. If you will give me a cha-" Then he kissed me. "Its ok Kacchan. I kinda knew you liked me. I like you too! A lot actually. Hey, I herd long distance is a thing maybe we could you know.... Date?"

Was I really that fucking lucky! The most perfect most cutest boy had a crush on me and still likes me! *end of flashback* I made pancakes, chocolate croissants and chocolate chip scones. All for my perfect Deku. I hoped he still liked my cooking

God! What if he does not like it! Oh no! I can't have this no no! It has to be perfect! I start setting the table straighting every single fork. Not a single wrinkle in the table cloth. I made smoothies, strawberry and mango Zuzus favorite. To me it looked perfect, well

not perfect like deku but perfect enough. I got a text from my group chat 'annoying extras' mina: Bakugou where are you! Kiri: yeah bro you missin out remember to come at 3 when teach gonna tell us the rules.

Me: ok ok shut up shitty extras I get it. That is when I got another text 'My Deku💚' Deku: Kacchan guess what!? Me: what zuzu? Deku: I got my drivers licence! 👊🏼

me: wow I am so proud of you baby! Then I moved to another number Auntie inko Me: Deku got his license! Auntie: really! Great noe I don't gotta worry!

Wait if deku got his license. Oh shit he should be home soon! What the fuck do I do! Holy shit! I go to the mirror to try to figure out a 'sexy face' and 'sexy pose' to do when deku comes in. I want him to blush! And cry in happiness! And hsjbsjbsbjj (Baku Gibberish) he is so fucking cute.

Izukus POV I didn't walk home I drove home! Yay!!!!! I am so happy! All might is in the passenger seat I used his car so I drove to the hotel he was staying at "Bye all might!" "Bye young midorya." I walked the rest of the way

I reached my house. I smelt something oddly delicious from inside. Smells like chocolate. And pancakes! Reminds me of Kacchan he makes me pancakes whenever we meet up. I love him. Well I guess I should go inside. Mom shouldn't be home yet but I will wait. I am very proud of my self. Very. I unlock the door...

**This is a great time to stop part4! Lmao! Wait I ment elmas (evil laughing my ass off." Anyway I hope you liked it please comment your thoughts! Thank you and have great day Part 5 coming soon!**

Long Distance (bakudeku part4)

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