Long Distance (bakudeku part17)
Long Distance (bakudeku part17) #bkdk stories

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Izuku is ready to give Hiashi what he deserves. With words and action.

Part 17

Long Distance (bakudeku part17)

**Ok who else is loving cold Izuku? I am fo' sure! Anyways thank you for coming back for part 17 of Long Distance! I hope you all will enjoy this 'master piece' piece of shit ayo! I roasted myself.... Ok bye my little bakudeku shippers**

Third Person POV Bakugou came back to Izuku so he wouldn't be alone. "so Izuku... Where do you want to go." "Away." Izuku answered "Yes, but where" Hisashi explained "from you."

"Why do you hate me?" Izuku scoffed "Where do I start?" Izuku laughed "No really where do I start there are so many reasons!" "Why would you hate dad he is amazing" Addy tried to tell Izuku. He was not having it "I already explained to you"

"You are NOT a good person! Good people like better people." This got bakugous attend "He is not a good person!? Do you even know how he got in that wheelchair" "Probably by hurting a dog" Addy sticker out her tongue "No!"

"Then why!?" "He literally saved someone from getting blasted and he probably does not even like the person he saved!" "Why would he do that" "Because he is a goo- no great person. Perfect I might say." "Hmph whatever!"

The group walked to a park and set up a picnic "So you are my step brother" anotehr kid spoke up. "I would not consider my self your step brother." "Why we are. He is your dad too" Izuku glared daggers at the boy

"HE IS NOT MY DAD!" This got peoples attention form around. A woman walked up. "Who is not your dad?" "He is his dad he is mine too therefore step siblings." The boy explains. "No he is YOUR dad! He just happened to be biologically related towards me."

"Sound alike he is your dad" the lady said. "Sound alike you need to shut up" Izuku snapped back. "He obviously didn't raise you right." "Well he wasn't there to raise me!" The lady looked sorry at this comment.

Another lady came over "Hey boy! You are being loud!" Izuku glared at her. "This is a park!!! There are literally kids screaming at the top of their lungs and you are telling me I am to loud!!!" Izukus POV God people are so annoying!

At least Kacchan is here... He can always cheer me up. I give him a hug to calm myself down. "So you pretty good friends ay?" Hisashi asked me "No. He is my boyfriend." ... "Being gay is gross."

"No but you know what is? Being homophobic" "I will not have a gay son." "Lucky for you I am not your son! I am also bisexual get your sensualities straight." "I do have a bi son and that is you" Hisashi howled. "No." Then I did something...

No it was not heroic. But to me it surved pure justice. I used my god arm powered up my quirk and gave him a good 5% in the face. Felt good. Felt good to hurt the guy that hurt me.

Wait what am I saying!!!! It does not feel good to hurt people... Never mind it isn't good to lie either... I sigh, grab kacchans hand and we are outa there.

**Shesh izuku is cold! I like it. Anyways thank you for reading this it makes me happy that other people enjoy junk. Go outside. Get fresh air. Eat healthy. Wear your seat belts. I hope you all enjoyed this. Please comment your thoughts. Bye my little bakudeku shippers**

Long Distance (bakudeku part17)

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