Long Distance (bakudeku part15)
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At the hospital Hisashi comes with... HIS OTHER FAMILY!

part 15

Long Distance (bakudeku part15)

**When I first started this I thought three parts at max... I have last the limit by twelve parts.... Aren't I good i limiting myself :-) But I enjoy writing this... Anyways I hope you enjoy dis lil fanfic we call Long Distance Fair well for now my lovely Bakudeku Shippers and let the drama show began!**

Bakugous POV Hisashi... Izukus dad... Why him of all fucking people? The lady continued on the phone with Izukus dad... I was in the hospital room with Izuku... I demanded to stay with him until I had to leave. They said I had half an hour... I better make it count.

"Izuku... I don't know where to start...." I sigh... I am talking to an unconscious Izuku... Whatever "I guess I can start with..." It breaks my pride to say I am sorry but for Izuku my pride could be broken... "I am sorry... For everything really..." Tears started rolling down my face

"I promised myself... I promised you... I said I would not hurt you ever again! But I did! I... I.. I FUCKIN' SUCK!" Shit even now Is you was just the person I needed even when he couldn't talk or touch. "I just... I... In middle school... When I told you to take a swan dive... I hope you know that was my way... My way.. Of...."

I take a deep breath I have never said this to him before but I always knew it... "I love you. I should've just said it that way not my fucking stupid way.... I am a dumbass you know that? I hope not I hope you think the world of me... I hope you think I am the best..."

That is weird and I know that but really I want Deny to think I am the best... I want him to think I am perfect... But I am not Deku... I am not perfect... "Mr. Bakugou it is time for you to leave." Shit has it really been that long

I went out into the waiting room where none other than Hisashi was... "So..." He said. "You must be the Bakugous boy, Kacchan?" "What did you call me..." "Well I had a phone call with Izuku and he said you were Kacchan..." "That is a nickname dumbass"

"Be more respectful to adults." "I'll be respectful when you become a good father." Kaylee walked up. "is there a problem here?" "No" me and Hisashi said at the same time, we were both a little angry. I think Kaylee could tell but whatever like I care.

We lowered our voices. "I am a good father." "Yeah leaving a kid for 14 years is ten definition of a good father." "Well, I drove all the way here with my family just to fill out this stupid paper work!" "What family?"

"They are in my car right now." "Tch, so Deku is not your family.." "he is... He is my son." "No... You don't get to call him that... He is not your son... He is just someone who happened to do something with you." "Fine like a give a fuck." He rolled his eyes

"Listen let's take this out side..." He said. I followed him out There was a group of kids and a mother eating Chick-fil-A outside on the sidewalk. "Hey honey!" He came over and kissed her. "Hi! Oh who is this?" She gestured towards me. "Names Katski Bakugou."

She smiled "Nice to meet you!" "Daddy" one of the kids said "Why are we here?" "Should I tell the kids..." Hisashi looked at his wife... "Why not they should know eventually, anyway" Did they forget I was here.

"Listen kids... Your dad... He has another family... He has nothing to do with that family because he left it..." Why the fuck was he using third person when he talked. Izukus dad is totally weird. "what do you mean dad?" You know what these kids need to know something about there dad.

"Oi. I know his other family." "Oh is that so?" The wife said "Yeah that is so. Very well actually. Hey guys did you know your dad is a fucking dumbass who ruins a mothers life by making her a single mother?" I put on a fake happy smile "Don't you use that language around my kids." Hisashi said

"Oh like a care! You probably used that language all the time around izuku!" "Dad who is Izuku.." Right then allmight pulled in with Eri... "Mr Bakugou? Is Mr. Izuku all right?" "Yes is young midorya ok?" Hisashi turned around

Hisashis POV Does my son know all might... How? Third Person POV Hisashi looked confused. "You know my son." Hisashi said "You mean my son"

It was at this moment he knew. He knew he fucked up. "That... That cane out wrong I ment... You mean my secret love child... I mean... My... Oh forget it!" Kaylee walked out the hospital... "He is awake. A fighter I will say... Has he broken any bones before?"

"Yes." All might confirmed "Oh how many." "All of them.... At least once." "oh.... Ok then...." Kaylee sighed "He is in a wheel chair. Make sure he gets rest. I'll go get him give me a minute." Then kaylee walked away. "So dad?" The kid said again

"Who is Izuku..." "When I told you I had another family... Izuku he is my son from that family." "wait." A girl said obviously the oldest "So he is my step brother?" "yes I am afraid so." "Cool." She said

Kaylee walked put with Izuku "He has a cheeck up Monday!" She called then walekd back in the hospital. Izuku smiled. "MR IZUKU!!!" Eri squeezed Allmights hand. "Young Midorya!" "Deku..."

"Aww hi guys, hi Kacchan... I love you too" "you herd that..." "Every single word..." "Shit." "Kacchan Eri is right there!" "Fine fine sorry. Eri do not repeat that, ok." She nodded

"So you are Izuku" The woman said "Yes....who are you." "I am Jenny Midorya." "Oh cool my last name is Midorya as well!" "Well it makes since I did marry your father..." She smiled but Izukus smile faded

"I don't have a father..." He said coldly "Oh izu it is me Hisashi your dad!" "Excuse me... I said I have no father, Hisashi." "Yea you do and I am your stepsis Addy!" "No."

"Do you have brain damage." "No." "Do you just say no?" "No." "Say yes." "No." "Deku?"

"Yes, Kacchan." "oh so you say yes now?" "Yeah. So what." Bakugous POV I have never seen Deku so cold and dense like that... He seems so rude. I gave him a look and he gave me a look

"Oh! I am so sorry" his smile returned but I could tell it was fake "My name is Izuku" he shook her hand. "So son." Hisashi said. Izuku turned around. "Izuku." He corrected. "What is it, Hisashi."

"Do you have a quirk?" He asked hopefully. "Yes and if I wasn't in a wheel chair I would use it right now." "to show me?" "To hurt you." Hisashi looked a little worried... "Give him an example I said."

Izuku turned on his quirk real quick then stopped it. "Wow that looked powerful." "Nobody asked you." "Then why did you listen?" "Because my mom raised me right.... On her OWN!"

**ok, all done. What do you think of sassy Izuku... I kinda like it Anyway comment your thoughts... I hope you all enjoyed this and have an amazing day! Part 16 coming out soon! Bye for now my little bakudeku shippers**

Long Distance (bakudeku part15)

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