Long Distance (bakudeku part12)
Long Distance (bakudeku part12) mha stories
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Bakugou comes to apologize to Izuku then some unexpected events occur...

Long Distance (bakudeku part12)

**Hello! This is part 12 of my little series I hope you all enjoy this bakudeku fanfiction As always buckle up for this emotional rollorcoster that I have created :-) Without further explanation here is Long Distance Part 12- Bye my little bakudeku shippers**

Izukus POV Why did Kacchan cheat... Was it something I did... Is it my fault. Am I that bad of a boyfriend!? Nevermind I suck... I deserve this I should have given him more attention... Why though?

(Poor bean it isn't your fault) Third person pov Kirishima ran as fast as he could to stop Bakugou and the others. "STOP!!!" He shouted, that got there attention "Why?" Asked Momo "Why stop? we have business."

"Where are you guys going." Kirishima asked the group "None of your fucking business shitty hair." Bakugou said. "If you don't tell me I will have to report you leaving to Mr. Aziwa." Kirishima was getting a little smug. "Fine. Damnit. I am going to explain things to Izuku"

Kirishima eyes widen he didn't want this to happen he had to do something and fast! Suddenly his mind came up with an idea... (Where else would he come up with an idea his ass?) He smiled "Oh cool, I will help Bakubro."

"Wait really?" Bakugou almost cracked a smile. "Yeah sure dude you are my best bro!" "That would be.... Nice I guess." "So what is the plan?" Kirishima asked. They explained thier ideas. "Coo, coo"

Finally they arrived at Izukus home. The girls set up the radio. They held up the sign they made, Kirishima held it the way there. Bakugous heart was pounding like crazy. Was he ready? Maybe? Hopefully. He took in a deep breath...

Then he signaled to the girls and gave them a thumbs up. They turned on the radio. Really loud 'Im still into you...' Izuku opens his window 'I should over all the butterflies!!!' Izuku smiled then turns his head to the sign

His smile immediately changed from warm and soft... To tear Bakugous POV Is he really crying... How cute... God this damn nerd cries about everything... It is so.... Adorable... He cried more...

Then something unexpected happened. He slammed his window shut... Those weren't tears of joy... They were tears of anger... But... Why would he be mad... The girls looked confused too... Then we noticed the sign

'I love you 💕 but not as much as him!' Then there was a picture of Kirishima

"OH SHIT!" Kirishima said "That sign was ment for my ex girlfriend... To tell she I love myself and I still love you but not as much..." He scratched his head... "Why did you grab that? Were you in a rush or something?.." Did I really take the wrong sign... Did I really hurt Deku more...

Then the door to Izukus house opened. He stood there with almost everything I ever given him. His big emerald eyes looked at me. "I don't know what I did that made you cheat... But I am sorry...." Damnit was he apologizing!

"I know you must have a reason for what you did... And I really thought that you were apologizing... I was going to give you another chance.. But that sign..." Suddenly something happened. My eyes started to water tears rolled down my eyes... I was crying... "Deku.... Please."

i looked at Kirishima "He can explain the sign tell him!" Kirishima smiles and walked over to Deku... "Don't you don't have too." Izuku was stop him. Why!? "I already know...." Know what?!

Izuku looked at Eri.. "You know I saved Eri..." Where was eh going with this... "Sometimes she sends me letters..." He held it out... "Sometimes she tells me what is going on..." He took a step foward... I looked at Eri she smiled.

"And sometimes... Her letters tell me about the people in UA... Teachers and students..." Another step closer... "You must me Ejiro Kirishima correct?" "Yes." Shitty hair looked nervous "Well... I know that you are him correct..."

Kirishima gulped... Wait didn't he just ask that... Extra clarification I guess "You see Kirishima... I know lily she is willing to do anything for me... I asked her a few questions..." The fuck is he talking about and why is he talking like this. "She told me about the plans you've come up with"

What plans!? "I was talking to Eri on the phone the other day. She said that Uraraka was paid to say those things... She also said that your wallet got stolen because your money was missing..." I still don't know where deku is going with this... "With Lily and Eri I figured out everything."

He turned to me "Those angry tears... Not for you they are for him." He pointed to Kirishima... "I swear I don't know what he is talking about" Kirishima put his hands up like he was about to get arrested. "I swear, Bakugou." He didn't say Bakubro this was serious

"Kacchan... You have been fooled, bamboozled.." He said Kacchan that is a good sign... Mina spoke up "Wait I don't understand..." Thank god I didn't either. Izuku smiled "yes, this might be confusing. But you, Kirishima understand exactly what I am saying..."

"No no I don't... I swear I don't" "Why would you swear if you don't understand... Do you perhaps just think it has something that could ruin you?" "No no that isn't it at all... Just worried that is all." "Why be worried..." He took a step closer to Kirishima

"Why be worried if you already know what I am about to say..."

**ok all done! What do you think!? Part 13 is coming soon Comment your thoughts please :-) I hope you enjoyed this but now it is time I say goodbye... And say hello again soon so I guess a see you later.. Bye shippers!**

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