Long distance (bakudeku part1)
Long distance (bakudeku part1) mha stories

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Izuku moved to America and Bakugou has been dating him for a while now. One day the bakusquad goes to the mall where they get a phone call from the one and only deku! What will happen?

Long distance (bakudeku part1)

**In this AU, bakugou and izuku have been long distance date ever since izuku moved away to America. Izuku still has one for all he still saved Eri just at a earlier time I guess. Kirishima has a crush on Bakugou and everyone think bakugou likes him back. For the time zones it does not work but deal with it. If you have any feedback or questions feel free to ask or say! Sorry for the changes of the POVs... Anway, Enjoy! :-) **

**third person** The 'bakusquad' is out in the mall today shopping like friends do. Kirishima is paying very close attention to what Bakugou is looking at stuff like, teddy bears, katsudon and red shoes. A little weird, Kirishima thought. He decided to ask the blond why he was looking at the stuff.

"So bakubro," He slightly blushed as his crush looks at him and mina is fangirling. "Yes shitty hair." "Why were you looking at teddy bears and red shoes and stuff like that?" Bakugous face turns red. "N-none of your business shitty hair!!!!" Bakugou roared

"Jeez man sorry..." Kirishima was set back by the fact that bakugou got flustered. Kirishima's thoughts got the best of him. 'was he looking at red shoes because of me!?' 'No wait teddy bears aren't manly... I wanna be his teddy bear' 'damn he is so hooooooot'

Bakugou looked up at his friends his face turns back to a normal shade. "Hey I'm going to the bathroom watch my stuff, extras!" "Okie dokie!" Mina says in a happy manner. "Lemon pokie" Denki finished in a joking manner.

Almost as soon as bakugou left his phone started to ring. "Oooo we should awnser it." Mina suggests "I'm not sure wouldn't he get mad" Jiro says "Oh c'mon he owes us!" "For what exactly?"


"Lets just say he's not here" and with that she answered the phone and put it on speaker!!!!

"Hi Kacchan!" Using her best bakugou impression Mina said. "I BELIEVE YOU HAVE THE FUCKING WRONG NUMBER THERE IS NO KACCHAN HERE!" "Kacchan, are you mad at me also. I think your voice is cracking it sounds kinda girly."

"I am mad at you for calling the wrong number!" The bakusquad was giggling "oh, I thought I told you I got a new number. I texted it to you last night. You must have been in school, sorry" Now the bakusquad were laughing there asses off! "I didn't get a damn te-"

"The fuck you think you are doing." Bakugou was using his calm voice. He was hella mad. "sorry bakugou... Umm a wrong name called you.." Mina sheepishly passed the phone "its on speaker..." "Who the fuck is this?" Bakugou demands

"Sorry kacchan. I was just gonna tell you something but it can wait. Umm have fun with your friends!" The call ended and the bakusquad minus bakugou were laughing until they saw the look on Bakugous face...

"what did you say to him."

"Why does it matter..." Mina says "yeah..." Kirishima says **Bakugous POV** I swear if they said anything that hurt my baby's feelings I would kill them right then right there! I waited for them to explain their sorry asses

"I said to him..." Mina cleared her throat she was gonna do the impression. "There is no kacchan here... In a very irritated voice... I am mad at you for calling my number... Shit like that" I clinched my fists... "Call that number and apologize right now before I kill you."

"Ok!!!" Mina dialled dekus new number. "Hi I was the girl that did the bakugou impression!I am so sorry" I herd dekus sweet voice "Oh no don't be, it was a pretty spot on impression I'm glad kacchan is making friends." I blushed a little

Deku continues "I think you should apologize to him though, taking someone's phone without permission is rude ya know. Anyway, have a great day!" Mina looks at me "Sorry..... Bakugou...." If the nerd wants her to apologize then he wants me to forgive

"It's......... Ok, whatever lets go back to UA" **Third person** The bakusquad walks in ua and they notice the others are watching a movie. Becoming a Hero. Bakugou knew this movie it was dekus favorite. He could not help but smile thinking about deku and even got a little flustered

(Totally like this lmao)

Bakugou went into his dorm and looked at pictures of his deku until it was time for there phone call. By now bakugou had changed the contact name because now it was 'My deku💚' "Hello kacchan!!!" He herd the sweet voice that Melissa his heart "Hi baby..."

**That is the end of part one! What do you think? Ill try to upload the others parts at least once a week! Anyway of you have any ideas please tell me! Anyway have a great day! Also am I spelling any of the names right lmao let me know!

Long distance (bakudeku part1)

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