Long Distance (bakudeku part 10)
Long Distance (bakudeku part 10) bakudeku stories
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Uraraka explains why she did what she did and the girls decide to help Bakugou.

Long Distance (bakudeku part 10)

**ok some serious shit happened last time. This is part 10 of my series I hope you enjoy. Anyway thank you all for the support! I love you all❤ 💖 Now please enjoy this my little bakudeku shippers**

**Bakugous POV** I hate pink cheeks. If it wasn't for her I would still be with deku... She fucking ruined my life and I am not being dramatic. He was... No IS the love of my life and I am not willing to lose him.. He already blocked me...

He already broke up with me... I fucking hate my fucking life! I just want to scream and cry... In fact I am crying... I can't stop thinking about what happened. I just want to die. But If I do I will never see Zuzu again... Fuck. Why did she have to lie!!!!!

I would never cheat on Deku ever! Never... Kirishima came in... Good a friend. "Hey bakubro... How are you feeling..." "Dead inside and out." "Damn it couldn't have been th-

-at bad. When you love something let it go if it loves you it will come back.... Sorry bro it is over for good." "Why did she lie...." Kirishima suddenly went from soothing to worried. "You know something I don't, tell me now shitty hair!" "Uh! I gotta go!" He booked it out damnit!

I decided to sneak into pink cheeks room. I snuck in like an assassin. She was talking to the girls they didn't notice me... They were talking about the incident. "Why did you do that." "They paid me!!! I needed the money!" "I am disappointed in you"

The girls agreed with Tsu they were all disappointed. "Who paid you, round face." I said coldly. The girls let out a light scream. "No... no... N-nobody.." "Tell me. Or else." "Or else what." She questioned

"Or else...." I placed my finger to my throat. "oh... Um... Ten dollars." "One dollar and I won't hurt you." I replied she agreed.. "Ok...." She took in a deep breath "Are you sure you want to know?"

"yes. Izuku is my life. Now tell me" I demanded. "ok... Ok..." Round face looked kinda scared to tell me... She waited a little ten otehr girls gave her encouraging nods and ahe took another deep breath. Her brown eyes looked in with mine. I waited for her to open her mouth.

"Where do I start?" "From the beginning." "ok..." I could tell she was scared. She told us to get cozy. We all sat down and she got on an armchair and sat down. She took one more deep breath and starts.

"You see it all started yesterday. I was minding my own beeswax. When a group of three came up to me... Kirishima, Kaminari and some blonde girl with purple eyes..." Lily.... "They came up to me and asked if I wanted money. Of course I said yes but at what cost.

Well they said they would give me fifty dollars to break you two up... Something about two you weren't right for each other and how the blond girl liked Izuku-kun... I said now but they oushed up their offer to a hundred. Is still told them no but the doubled it. I told them twenty more and they did give me twenty more.

So... We sat down discussing the plan.... They said I needed to make it sound like you cheated on me... That is why I said you fucked me... They said that it would be okay and the blond I think her name was Lily would sooth izuku and Kirishima to you...

We decided to do the pain as soon as possible... So we walked down stairs and I shouted at you... I am so sorry... I just.... I don't know why I did that!" Tears rolled down her eyes... "Maybe... Maybe we can make it better." She suggested

"How izuku won't talk to me and I am suspended for the day..." "well me and the girls.... Could help" Mina clapped.. We will keep in touch with you online yous should go to your room so aziwa doesn't expand your suspension" Jirou said I agreed and walked away back to my room

**ok part 10 is all done Part 11 is on its way maybe today or tomorrow! Anyway I hope you enjoyed this. Tell em what you thought in the commets! I have a backup account and I might post stuff on there it is AlyssaStuff2 Byee bakudeku shippers**

Long Distance (bakudeku part 10)

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