How I came out as pansexual
How I came out as pansexual coming out stories

alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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This is how I came out to my mom and brother

How I came out as pansexual

This is just a fun story I thought. So I found out I was a proud pan. And of course the pan has to come out eventually.... That gave me an idea....

Basically I hid inside a corridor with a pan that a painted like the pan flag. When my mom opened it to get the pan. I shouted "I AM A PAN" this scared my mom a little... She didn't exactly understand

But I did the same gig with my brother He was very very proud of me! So we explained to my mom. She knows a little bit of the LGBT community... She said the worst thing possible "oh so your bi!!!?"

I love you mom.... BUT OH MY GOD NO!!! I love all genders and love people for their personality Ok The pink is for female Blue for male Yellow for everything in between

Anyway that is my coming out story! Can you guess what song I am listening too.... (Hint pan anthem)

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