Here is a dumb joke
Here is a dumb joke #dumbjoke stories

alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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So here is a dumb joke..... Yeah!

Here is a dumb joke

Billy was going to prom. The first thing he needed was to pick up his suit. He the clothing store and found a long line of other slackers. After the line he got his suit. Next he needed to pick up his date some flowers. When he went to the flower shop there was a long line of slackers who also didn't get their date flowers til now.

Once that line was done he needed to get some nice new shoes. At the shoe store there was a long line of other slackers who didn't think to get nice new shoes til now. Finally after that he picked up his date after a few dances he told hid date "I think I will get us punch"

And after all that what do you know there was no punch line!

If you don't understand that joke uh.... Sorry for wasting your time.... I guess Have a good day! Stay hydrated! Love you all!!!! Umm.... Yeah! AlyssaStuff

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