Awkward moment
Awkward moment idk stories

alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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Hey its your girl Alyssa with my ✨cringy✨ story!!!

Know y'all can hear my dumb problems that are IRRELEVANT

Did I roast myself? Anway enjoy, make sure your pee is a healthy color, cuz I'd not 👁👄👁 GET WATER

Awkward moment

So basically I had a um.... ✨A W K W A R D✨ moment. I wanted to share with you all!!! So here we go~

So basically this one guy... We will call him Sock (for his own privacy) So Sock is like my little brother that I never had. And Sock had a crush on me... Sock.... Sock sock... What will I ever do with you... Throw you in the laundry?

Anyway Sock told me his feelings. So, I had to let him down easy... With a little weapon I call... ✨the brother card✨ Yup I played the brother card on him! "you are like a brother to me"

Then he played it off as a prank. So, Sock if your out there... If you want to play it of as a "prank" at least don't look or sound upset and end up crying. Also don't be obvious that you have a crush on me.

I know its hard to ignore me but still 💅💅💅💅

Ok all jokes aside, I feel kinda bad about the whole situation Anyways have a great day! Stay hydrated! Stay healthy! TREAT OTHERS WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED, KAREN Love you all, AlyssaStuff

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