A message to those who are depressed
A message to those who are depressed love stories

alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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Hello, this is just a reminder that you are loved, you can read this even if you are not depressed or anything like that. I just wanna help :-)

A message to those who are depressed

I want you right now to ask yourself why are you depressed. Do you know why? Is it true? Did you answer yes? Your answer was probably, I am stupid and ugly nobody likes me. Something close to that at least

Why would you think that? You are loved. Can't you see? I love you and I don't know you! Take a look in a mirror... Go on do it.... Do it.

Are you there? I hope so. Now look in the mirror. Why are you focusing on the imperfections? You are beautiful! Just look closely, you can find the beauty too. Go get water.

Now drink it. Before you wipe your face go to the mirror again. Notice how your lips are shining? That is your future, it shines! You are gonna make it through this I know it.

Don't doubt yourself. Don't hate yourself. Love yourself. Embrace your imperfections and make them what you love about yourself. Embrace who you are! Because if you don't live life loving yourself you won't live

life loving it. So here is what is important

I love you 💙💚💛💜 Have an amazing day! Stay hydrated. Love yourself. Know you are loved. Love others. AlyssaStuff

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