A Bow.
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alyssastuff Is the impossible ever possible?
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Ali Lake is going on a summer trip with her friends. Annie Rogers who was kidnapped had a bow.

What happens when Ali gets a phone call. And Ali's friends find a very certain bow?

A Bow.

It was a wonderful July night and Ali was packing her bags for her camping trip with her friends. "Ali come down for dinner" "coming, mom!" Ali called back and hurried down the steps "did you pack your toothbrush" her mom asked concerned "for the hundredth time, yes!"

"Ok.... Im gonna miss you so much, Ali" her mom went in to hug her daughter. Ali hugged back then went to finish her packing. Her phone rang suddenly *Unknown Number* Ali wasn't sure to answer but decides to because who know it might be a classmate.

"Hello who is this?" Ali asked. No reply "hello?" From the other side of the phone Ali herd a gun shoot and then a scream that sounds like it came from a little girl. Ali's heart started beating like crazy. Was this just a crazy nightmare? Maybe a joke?

Ali didn't know she hung up immediately and went to sleep. Hopefully it never happened. The next morning Ali woke up. Although she got eight hours of sleep she wasn't refreshed. Reluctantly she got up and took her bag downstairs, so she could meet her friends in time.

"Bye mama!" Ali's mom rushed in, and hugged her goodbye. When Ali arrived at Ryan's place (who was driving) she waited until Marie came. Marie knew Ryan better than Ali but Ali knew Maria well and she didn't want anything to be awkward. Once everyone arrived Ryan started talking.

"Did everyone use the bathroom?" Everyone nodded "Ok well.... Lets go then" he waved everyone over and they hopped in his van. They drove up until they got to the cabin they were renting. "ok here we are."

Everyone looked around the cabin then went to there areas. Girls upstairs, boys downstairs. Ali wanted to explore the mountains a little but the only person she could get to come with her was Ryan and Andy. They three went outside to take a closer look at the environment they would be in.

"I herd there was a creek nearby" Andy suggested. "Where at?" Andy pointed east and the three starts walking. "what's this?" Ryan bends down and picked up to what seemed to be a little girls bow at one point but then got destroyed by the wild.

"Maybe a kid lost it." Andy said. "no.... I have seen this bow. Remember when we watched the news and that girl was kidnapped she had this bow on that day." Andy's eyes went wide then he said "do you think-" Ali cut him off "its probably just a coincidence"

But even though Ali seemed chill she was freaking out too. That call last night. The scream sounded like it was from a kid... Could it be No shut up Ali! Ali's thoughts got cut off when they arrived at the creek. "its so cold!" Ryan was in it.

After a little bit more of wandering the three walked back into the cabin. Marie, Bella and Matt were around the table playing cards while Josh was cooking (he was such a mom) "ah you there are back" he announced, turning around reveling an apron that said 'kiss the chef'

"Did anyone kiss you?" Andy asked jokingly "well.... No" Josh mutters and turns back to his cooking. "what game are you guys playing" Ali asked "Lair." "oh I love that game!" Ryan exclaimed.

After a few rounds of Liar the food was ready. Everyone ate happily until Andy brought up the bow. "guys you know that girl, Annie Rogers who got kidnapped. I think we saw her bow" he pulled it out "WAIT YOU GRABBED THAT!" Ryan shouted, surprised.

"Yup." Andy answered. "I think she is close by." That's when Ali decided to bring up her phone call "uh guys.... I think she might be dead or extremely injured" Ali explains why she said that and everyone started to look worried and asked Ali a lot of questions.

What did it sound like? Did you here anyone else? Do you have their number? Was there gunshot? Did she get stabbed? All of which Ali couldn't seem to answer. Her brain was fried anway.

The friends went to sleep but all of them seemed worry. Suddenly Ali woke up to a thud. She shook Marie awake. "I herd something!" She whisper shouted. The two went downstairs and laid eyes on a man both have never seen before.

(Hello everyone! How was that? Should I make a part 2? Comment if I should :-) Anway stay hydrated, I live you all!!! *virtual hugs* Bye, AlyssaStuff)

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