A New Life
A New Life a-new-life stories

alysonwonderlun A very sad girl
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I guess it was worth it
To start a new life

A New Life

One day I got sick of the bs.

Everyone in my life treated me like shit.

I was fed up and I had finally reached my breaking point.

So I thought...

Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I'm going to do something about it.

I saved up a lot of money.

And one day I just up and left.

No warnings

No goodbyes

Its funny how now they wonder where I am, but never cared when I was there.

Running away from my problems didn't solve much though

My demons are very good at finding me no matter where I hide

Now I'm all alone

In a state I'm not very familiar with

I still cry a lot


I guess it was worth it.

To start a new life.

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