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Just an introduction of myself for you guys, explaining where I have come from and the stories that I write.


Written by Alyce Wolf Lovely

Hello Commaful! My name is Alyce. Well, it's my pen name. My friends gave me the nickname because my favorite story is Alice in Wonderland. I changed the 'I' to a 'Y' because I felt it was more unique.

I begin by only using Alyce, but then I discovered that my spirit animal is a wolf and added that to the name, so it became Alyce Wolf. I went by that for almost 5 years.

Eventually after a long battle with depression I met a really nice man who helped me see the world in light again, and a lot of my friends I started talking to kept saying that I seem more cheerful and lovely. So I put them together again. And...

HERE I AM: Alyce Wolf Lovely!

I am obviously new to Commaful. I actually was originally from Quotev, another fan fiction type site that has recently faded to a back burner. While I am still apart of the community and still attempting to post stories on there, I decided it was time to find another more active site.

So here I am on Commaful. I might not stay very long, but that is because I do post longer stories and I read that this wasn't a good place for stories that would be more than a page or two.

If I do leave, please understand that the community had nothing to do with it. I just am trying to find the perfect place for my stories to take place.

If any of you would be interested in reading longer stories, like 20 or more pages, I can send you the link to my Quotev page or a link to any of the other sites I might find to let my stories flourish.

This is getting kind of long, but I am almost done. I call all my followers Lovelies. And I do plan to be on regularly. I am trying to get on a regular schedule and getting my thoughts out will definitely help.

To wrap this up, I am glad you stuck around this long. Thank you so much for doing so and reading this introduction. I love making new friends, and I love writing. Again if you are interested in any of my stories, let me know. Goodbye Commaful! I hope to see you later!

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