G o n e. (Poem) -By: Alyssa N. Singleton
G o n e.  (Poem)
-By: Alyssa N. Singleton  poem stories

aly-singx Alyssa | 19 | taken | CT, USA | poet
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A poem I’ve made about some deep feelings on my relationship. No, we didn’t break up. But during rough times, I’m scared that I’ll end up alone in the end.

G o n e. (Poem) -By: Alyssa N. Singleton

I saw potential in this relationship. I thought it would last long.. But before I could open my eyes, It was already gone.

I don’t see the spark anymore, I don’t see the flame, I don’t see the man I fell in love with on Christmas Day.

We were so close, And we talked all the time.. We would sleep together through the day, And talk together all night.

It didn’t matter if we talked, It didn’t matter if we text, The fact that you were there was enough for me to exist.

Now that I’m here, you don’t seem to see The same type of person you saw back when you met me.

I’m still “the same girl I was over the phone,” which was clingy and needy.

But it’s okay, I suppose I’ll never be the girl of your dreams. I’ll never know who she’ll be. You never told me, so I can’t change into the girl you want to see. I guess I’ll always be that burden you’ve let into your life so foolishly.

You can turn abusive, You can turn evil, You can turn into some guy who cheats until he finds his approval

And I’ll still love you..

And that’s what hurts the most.

The fact that I’m so into you, is what makes it hard to let go.

I can’t force you to love me.. I can’t force you to care.. All I’ve ever wanted was for you to be there.

If I ran away tonight, if I wasn’t by your side, Would you come look for me, even if it took a long time?

If I died tomorrow, may it be from suicide, Would you long for my hugs and kisses that I’d give you at night?

I saw potential in this relationship. I thought it would last long.

But before I could give you one last kiss...

You were already gone.

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