Words That I always wanted to Hear Chapter 4
Words That I always wanted to Hear 

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As every second flew by, my breathing became more unsteady. It became more hard to breathe. I was getting a panic attack.

Words That I always wanted to Hear Chapter 4

~Chapter 4~

()- indicates character's thoughts

~- indicates time skip

Caleb's POV

I sat back to my seat, Sandra was still there since she still hasn't finished her food. I turned to her, Eager to get an answer to my question

"Sandra, Who was he?" I asked, Worried by the fact that his target was Oliver.

She looked at me, Expression serious. There was a moment of hesitation but she continued to tell me.

(Was she always this uneasy?)

"His name is Calum Cohen" She said, now looking down on her food. Thinking whether it was the right thing to tell me.

"He's another popular boy in this school. If everyone adored you and Oliver, Everyone Feared Calum" She continued, getting deep on the story

(Is that why no one dared to interfere?)

"Why did he do that?" I asked again, wanting to know more

"Him and Oliver somehow had a fight before-well-more like a big problem"

"But then, after a day, Oliver didn't come to school. After that, instead of fighting and facing Calum, He had his head down.

He looked like he was broken" She said, still looking down, when she looked up to me, Her eyes definitely looked like she didn't want history to repeat itself.

"What excactly happened?" I asked further, I really want to help Oliver. My reason? Don't really have one, I just somehow felt like I need to protect him, to just be there for him.

"I don't know, Really, Oliver Refuses to say a word about that. Though there was one thing that happened after Oliver's absent day" She said, looking concerned.

"What was it?" I said, wishing to know

"When the two met, Oliver has his head down, almost like bowing to him. But then, something more unusual happened, Calum carrased Oliver's cheek and made him look up to his face.

Oliver flinched by the action and yanked his face away that time." She replied, Concern growing

That's when I felt my blood boil. It was unusual and weird but something about that made me somehow angry?

"Lets just not talk about it for now" Sandra suddenly said. Her voice also sounding down. She finished her lunch and stood up.

"See ya later" expression, sadly smiling at me as she head to her own class.

I also stood up, shooting one last glance at the people at the cafateria, the atmosphere timid and the people were stiff.

I turned around and made my way to my own class, mind still worried for a certain blackett.


Oliver's POV

School was finally finished, I arranged my things and got out. I didn't really want to see Caleb or Sandra right now.

I got out of the school gates and started walking home. I felt my arms itching for something. Something that I always did.

I reached my home and opened the door. Rushingly, I stripped from all my clothes and went to the bathroom, looking for something SHARP.


As every second flew by, my breathing became more unsteady. It became more hard to breathe. I was getting a panic attack.

I looked at all the drawers, Finding the certain sharp thing.

When I opened the third one, that's when I saw what always made me feel calm.

A razor.

I quickly grabbed It. And slid it down on my skin.


Blood was already pouring, I didn't even hiss at the pain as the razor broke my skin. I calmed down a bit but IT WASN'T ENOUGH.

I did it again, A few times more.





There were already 5 Fresh cuts.

Blood started to pour more but I couldn't care less. I wanted More. MORE


Because he touched me again


Because I didn't behave well


Because I'M DIRTY

Red. Red liquid filled the sink. It was over, I didn't crave for more. But I was sure, I'm still dirty aren't I?

I opened the faucet, washing my new cuts that was over my old ones.

Wrapping it with a white bandage, I thought, wouldn't It be nice to be clean again? To be pure and innocent like the color white?

But that was nothing but a wish, a wish that will never come true. No matter how hard I try scrubbing myself with soap, I still felt dirty.

Its disgusting.

I'm disgusting.

I went to my room and changed into comfortable clothes. As I lay, i felt the comfortness swallowing me.

I decided to curl up like a ball in my bed.

I decided to just not think of anything for now.

As i close my eyes, I only thought of one thing.

(I wish I could just die.)

To be continued~


Hey guys! Note that this is fiction and please beware of the warnings I put. This is an original story by me.

Thank you for reading and don't forget to follow me!

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