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Chapter 2 boy x boy stories

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"Yuuri, Are you alright? You seem a bit distracted" Kenji said, His voice seem concerned but also hollow?

Victuuri Fanfic Chapter 2

Note: Character's AREN'T MINE, they belong to the creator of Yuri On Ice. If you don't like boyxboy then please don't read.

()- indicates Character's Thoughts

~-indicates timeskip

Chapter 2

Yuuri grabbed the doorknob and turned it, as he was about to head out he said

"I'm going back to Kenji, alright? getting out of the door and smiling at Victor softly.

Victor sighed in relief as he got out of the room. Inhaling the conditioned air in the room, he took courage to message some of his ice skating friends.

Wishing they would help him solve a Jelousy Crisis that he's about to face. He took his phone, going to their group chat where Yuuri wasn't there. It was for emergencies like this.

He went on the message bar as he softly typed his question.

Victor: hey guys?

Victor: Do you mind helping me with something?

It took a few seconds as replies soon started to flood in.

Yurio: Yeah, I do mind it.

Phichit: Not at all! :)

Otabek: hm.

Chris: Oohhh? What kind of something? ;)

Victor chucked at their replies. Its been a while since they all last talked.

Victor: Its about Yuuri okay?

Victor typed back, mustering up all the courage to at least tell his friends and his so called son(yurio) and his son's Boyfriend(otabek) the problem.

Phichit: Did you guys fight? :(

Otabek: *sees it but doesn't reply*

Yurio: what's with katsudon?

Chris: Ho*ny problems?

(Can't Chris keep his dirty mind out of this)

Victor: There's just a friend of his here and then I'm kinda jealous (0///0)

Yurio: Solve it on your own.

Chris: Oh.

Phichit: We'll come to Hasetsu tomorrow so don't worry Victor! :)


Victor: Thank you guyyss! T-T

Victor laid at the cold floor of the room, lying in his back as he faced the ceiling. As he got comfortable, he thought

(I'm definitely not gonna lose to that Kenji)


Yuuri was now eating casually with his friend or more likely ex boyfriend.

(After Victor saw Kenji, He did act weird)

Yuuri thought, his mind somehow still filled with thoughts of Victor. To the point that he didn't notice that Kenji was talking to him. Kenji obviously noticed Yuuri's behavior.

"Yuuri, Are you alright? You seem a bit distracted" Kenji said, His voice seem concerned but also hollow?

"I'm alright" Yuuri replied, snapping out of his thoughts, Thoughts that seem to only revolve around his white haired coach. He faced Kenji and asked him

"Say, Kenji did you and Victor already meet? You were in Russia right?" Yuuri asked, wishing to know why His ever so cheerful coach was glaring at his "close" friend.

"Hmm, Victor?, I don't think so. Though I see him on TV, I never really got to talk with him" Kenji said. As he continued to eat, he couldn't help but wonder

(Why was Victor smirking that time?)

He shook his thoughts as he convinced himself that That was nothing but his eyes playing tricks on him.

Sure, Victor would jokingly flirt at him sometimes but him smirking because Kenji and Him broke Up? It wouldn't be possible. Victor isn't that Kind of Person. Is he?


It was already morning, You can hear the birds singing and the wind blowing softly at the trees.

Yuuri was never fond of getting up early, he wished to sleep more. He shifted to his side and when he felt comfortable, he decided to let sleep to take over him again.

But that was interrupted by the loud sound of his phone. Irritated, He took his phone to turn off the alarm but he was surprised to see the time.


He quickly got out of bed. He had completely forgotten that he has practice at 8 with Victor.

He ran rushingly to the Ice castle, Ignoring everything and everyone. He knew well himself that Victor would scold him for waking up late again.

Finally, He opened the door that led to the Ice rink as he bowed without even noticing who's there.

"I'M SORRY I'M LATE!" Yuuri said, bowing for his ignorance in time.

Everyone looked at him, Yuuri was hoping he would get scolded by Victor but all he heard was chuckling, There wasn't only one but there was 3?

He looked upward, Confused whether If he was hearing voices.

(Do I need more sleep?)

Yuuri thought, When his Vision cleared, he was schocked to see Yurio, Chris, Phichit and Otabek standing In front of him. He standed upright, confused of what is happening.

Comprehending everything, Phichit ran up to him and hugged him.

"Yuuri! I missed you!"

To be continued~


Hey guys! Sorry if its a short chapter, Just repeating that CHARACTERS AREN'T MINE.


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