(3.03.20) yearning stories

althaiageovana Community member
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When everything feels right, becomes right and looks right. Yet, at the same time, not.


I thought that the world had finally become brighter. That the sun was more warmth than scorching or that the moon was finally illuminating a pathway rather than tricking.

Yet, it seems as though it's nothing but a glimpse of what could have been rather than was is.

Stuck in a box, never being coherent, words are all jumbled up and racing. None of which would make sense when needed yet plays tricks, and plagues the mind when one pleads for silence.

An unending cycle that just can't seem to end no matter what prayers is uttered to the deities or gods whether it be new or old.

The inquiry or question for ones purpose on existing is always hovering at the top of my head.

When asked for the reason not to exist, I am able to provide with many, yet when tasked to list the reasons for existing, none come to mind.

Why is that I wonder? My age has not even reached its prime yet the exhaustion I feel never seems to fade. Why is that?

So many questions but no answers.

There were many that I have read in which talking is the best medicine.

But what's the use of such medication when in return it is not the result one hopes for? Life is fleeting yet none comes to mind of what good it brings about when not desired.

This isn't the first and i'm sure it won't be the last. But since i'm in this state ones again, I wonder what purpose is my existence when what I yearn for is the opposite of life?

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