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She sat next to me A demeanor more calmer than what was then,


She sat next to me

A demeanor more calmer than what was then,

With words being readied to be carried out,

I reminded myself again to harden my heart.

To not be swayed and to not shed a tear

To what she was saying. To pay no attention,

To be numb, and for everything to just stop.

As she envelopes her warmth around me,

The pools on my eyes starts to form,

And I remind myself again, harden your heart

And do not be swayed.

There are words said that were meant to

Comfort one, hurt one, and make on realize

The painful reality in this scorching world.

And also there are words

That you wouldn't want to hear especially

When it is coming out of the mouth of someone you love.

Because you know, even indirectly

They're telling you that they too

Are hurting

Are suffering

Are crying inside

All because of the chaos that you performed.

And it stabs you in the chest the most because

You can't do anything about

Because you hardened your heart

You inflicted pain upon yourself

And became numb.

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