A faith.
A faith. stories

altayihIn places that were never meant to be.
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In the end,
All you really had that was truely yours is your faith.

A faith.

I only loved once. And it will always be that way. She asks me why. Insisting that I move on.. That I forget her and love someone else.

Tell me,love. How can I be with someone else when my heart will always be with you. How can I hold someone wishing that it was you. How can I love someone else when all I love and all I will ever love is you.

You still linger around me.. Inside my shirts and in my mind, Your phantom hands holding mine. I laugh with your ghost and I sing with your memories. It's not that I want your love. I just want to love you. You don't need to do the same.

This love is my faith. And you're my prayer. I don't expect you to come true, But I'll try everyday nonetheless.

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