Poem (I face the white page)
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altairtomann22 year-old poetry enthusiast eng/ger/sp
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Poem (I face the white page)

I face the white page and

miss you

although you’re lying there only a

few steps behind me,

lying there, with that lovely face you only let trough

while youre asleep.

That face has me hanging

willing to go anywhere,

anywhere if youre there too

lying there with that profoundly beautiful face,

(you always sleep early while I still

read or write)

and youre a little bit resented because Im not

lying there with you - sorry babe but I just cant -

youll have to wait until the deep thoughts of the

night release my poor soul and

let me go to my happy place which

is your warm embrace and your beautiful

smile full of love.

It is a sunny day and it is my prime,

the next morning,

Bees fly around outside the window after we opened

the shades,

one loses its way and wanders around my

room looking for sweet nectar

but the only nectar in our room

is the sweet nectar we emerged from

last night,

and the bee scares you and a little

scream breaks out of your chest,

I try to calm you down but its too much I see the fear in your eyes

I gently guide the bee outside,

and always tell you how bees are beautiful creatures

although Ive really been stung a lot of times

but only because they felt threatened.

Sometimes I feel threatened too

but this is not one of those times,

I feel safe, the sun in front of me and the big window

(my companion)

and you guarding my back behind me,

humming a little song about the life in the sky

where there’s always good wine

sounds like paradise to me

feels like what Im living right now


if you havent noticed let me tell you:

I love you.

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