The God of Mist
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Poem about a man lost in the mist

The God of Mist

Mark it well and bring the tide

Darkened skay, foggy ground

Safe and sound is just a dream

In the mist

Sky has broken inwards, came down

All there is is all the ground

And the fog that brings the fear

When it draws near, when it draws near

Dreadful mist

But a wanderer unafraid

Wanders brave the hidden paveways

Man or fool, wise hope of day

Is his strength and is his aid

In the mist, fateful twist

Tell me muse, what is his story

Where he comes from, where he goes

Does not matter in the least

North or south, west or east

Is a dream here in the death throes

Of the mist, of the mist

He was king, and now is servant

Fleeing from a fallen empire

Flight from shame his one desire

Lost his crown to brave rebellion

Came the tyrant to this land

And he walks, hand in hand

With the deadly, deadly kiss

Of the mist, of the mist

And faint in the distance sounding

The brave man with sound surrounding

Comes the shadow through the fog

Fool, your bravery pays dearly

For the things that you have done

Swallowed by the darkest sun

In his death he sees it clearly

For the god that sleeps within

Rises when the mist gets thin

Is not of thise world at all

Presence, shade, at last the fall

Comes to all men by his hand

When the mist fills all the land

When the god of mist ascends

And our brave kinds' story ends

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