I swear she has stars in her eyes.
I swear she has stars in her eyes. thoughts in my head stories

alsnotebook My soul creates and my heart expresses.
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For the woman i love.

I swear she has stars in her eyes.

Her beauty goes beyond the sunrise In an early morning. She carries herself like She knows she's Important because without Her the world Is dull and boring. She's so divine, and her body is so perfect. She's a walking goddess, heavens present.

There's no one like her.

Not just beautiful, but her heart is made of gold, brighter than a diamond even when it gets a little cold. She's loving and caring, She's sweet and funny and silly and she's always expressing herself so freely.

I'm in love with her.

The kind of love where you wanna go to the ends of the earth and through hell itself if you must, just to see her smile.

The kind of love that never fades, like wine it just keeps getting better with age. Every second with her reminds me that I'm blessed, knowing that I can't help but over-express the happiness in my chest.

I swear she has stars in her eyes.

And I hope one day I can get lost in them every day. And every night.

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