I once knew a firefly.
I once knew a firefly. 
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I once knew a firefly.

I once knew a firefly who grew up a caterpillar. She grew up afraid and confused of the world that didn't know how to treat her. No one knew, That too much rain can make the sweetest fruit a little bitter.

She lived in darkness, Because no one told her she was light. And so she waited. And waited. And waited.. Day and night. For the slightest glimpse of light.

But it never came. What I hate the most is that she actually believed she was to blame.

So I said to her: "If your waiting for light, it will never come. Light is like happiness, a state of mind. Not a person or a place."

"The pursuit of light is like the pursuit of happiness, it's a journey into your madness." "It's realizing you are your own light and darkness."

In that moment the caterpillar became a butterfly. Her light devoured the entire sky. Her head held high, she fell in love with her own dark sky. Because she became a light that would never die.

And so I once knew a firefly. Who took to the sky, and became the brightest star in the night sky.

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