Warriors of the Sun book 1 The Goddess, Queen, and Leader Chapter 1
Warriors of the Sun book 1
The Goddess, Queen, and Leader
Chapter 1 wots stories
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5 warriors will save the world; the first a Goddess, Queen, and Leader.

Warriors of the Sun book 1 The Goddess, Queen, and Leader Chapter 1


"Auröra, Auröra, MISS. NÁDIR!!" the teacher says loudly breaking me out of the weird day dream I was having,

"Huh," I say as I lift my head up to look at the teacher my auburn hair falling in waves around my face, "Yes, Mrs. Renargia"

"Miss Nãdir were you even paying attention to what I said at all?!" Mrs. Renargia says impatiently tired of me constantly day dreaming in her class.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Renargia... but your class is really boring!" I say quickly not think through what I said.

The class draws a breath and suddenly very quickly and quietly the entire room is filled with soft murmurs. The entire class looks at me like I've sprouted horns out of my head.

I finally relize what I said, turning around I see a fuming Mrs. Renargia. I relized I just broke a major unspoken rule; no one and I mean NO ONE! Back talks Mrs. Renargia!

"Miss. Nãdir... TO THE PRINCIPALS OFFICE RIGHT NOW!!" Mrs. Renargia practically screams at me.

I stood up and started walking towards the principals office, SECOND time this week, my new record!!

As I reach the door a bright light flashes between my eyes and suddenly a blaring headache appears, I stumble and then collapse to the ground.

As I slowly lose consciousness...

I can barely focus on what's happening around me but I just barely can recall my teacher running over and rushing me to the nurses office before I black out completely.

I wake up, and I'm lying on a grassy medow surronded on all sides by trees and wild flower... I don't recognize anything.

"Where am I?" I wonder aloud. Looking around at the strange mixture of flowers and trees.

"Your in Tälinirön, The realm of dreams." A lady says behind me.

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