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Lijuan Mei Ling the WingBorn


There once was a girl named Lijuan Mei Ling.

Mei Ling was your typical proper Chinese southern dynasty female,

Docile as a lamb, delicate as a china doll, graceful as a swan, and as polite as one could possibly be in a tight corset and many layers of robes and fabric.

There was just one problem,

Even though her parents raise her to be a proper lady, Mei Ling wanted to be free from the uptight, and proper way of life...

Mei Ling wanted to... FLY!

Mei Ling could never be free, she could never, soar or fly, she could never feel the wind in her hair or the breeze across her face.

No, Mei Ling could never be happy.

You may think this is your normal story,

The girl wants to fly, so she "accidentally" stumbles upon and helps a magical being, the being returned the favor by giving her wings.

Or she wishes upon a star and gets a prince, a palace, a kingdom, and wings.

But no, that isn't the case... no, Not at all!

Mei Ling, turned 18 and a few months later became a woman.

As per the custom Mei Ling was to be married off to a wealthy, high up, and important man, who would make her family even more wealthy and important indeed.

That was until Mei Ling started to shrink,

At a rapid pace she shrank till she was the size of a small bird. Her back ached and her feet hurt, her hands and arms now numb, hung awkwardly at her side.

She looks into the mirror and when she looks she screams, startled, no... squawks startled.

Mei Ling had turned into a Small bird...

But soon after the shock wore off she realized she could finally be, FREE! She could FLY, Soar, and feel the wind and breeze.

So Mei Ling realizing this new found freedom! Taking leaps, hops, and weirdly gliding, to the open window and jumps out...

Forgetting that she had never flown before, Mei Ling free fell out the window.

At what seemed to be the last moment Ling spread her wings and FLEW!

Returning home that night she felt happy, hope even. For she had a secret she never knew she had and know has.

Mei Ling oblivious to the fact that she was a WingBorn...

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