The Dragon Born of Fae Part 3
The Dragon Born of Fae Part 3 fae stories
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Can a newly discovered Fae, who has recently lost her mother save the dragons?

The Dragon Born of Fae Part 3

The Dragon hunters ascend upon on us with great speed, and soon we were surrounded. I was surrounded, with dragon hunters on every side, bows and crossbows pointed at me.

I look around, trying to find my mom and Eve. I spot my mom surrounded by a dragon hunter circle similar to mine, but Eve had disappeared.

I look at my wings trying to figure out if I could fly in them, but they had vanished the second the dragon hunters appeared.

It looked like we would be captured, when a small white lion came out of the cave roaring!

The lion walks over to me and nuzzles the back of my hand, then looks up and growls at the dragon hunters! I suddenly realize that the lion was Eve.

I stroke Eve gently, oh my beautiful smart dragon.

Then in a suddenly, without warning, Eve jumps up and starts to attack the hunters!

Within seconds all the dragon hunters are lying on the ground, their weapons a mangled mess of arrows, bows, bolts and crossbows!

Eve turns around and looks straight at me, then she starts to purr!

"I know of a place where we can stay, it's called VarinKaw Mountain. It's where my family used to stay." Eve mind-speaks to me

I almost start to cry, "Well, Eve, can you take us there" I ask her

"I'm sorry Kiley, but I can't come with you. I will only slow you, don't worry a friend has offered me a safe house so it is good. " Mom says to me.

I start to cry, my mom is leaving me. Mom walks over to give me a hug. While we were hugging Eve trods over and nuzzles me trying to cheer me up. I laugh and wipe away my tears.

"Goodbye mom, I hope I see you soon" I say to her, as I start to tear up again

Eve shifts back into her small and adorable dragon form and starts to flitter off in the direction of VarinKaw Mountain.

I follow along behind her, turning back I wave one last time at my mother before continuing on the path.

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